indexsymbols ⭑ orientation

⭑ These terms are not the same as gay, feminamoric, bi, pan, etc., since they tend to be both more specific (regarding gender identities) and more vague (regarding which genders a person may or may not be attracted to).

⭑ ⭑ For instance, someone who is versian is being specific about being a nonbinary person attracted to women, men and nonbinary people; but such a person may not be able to be attracted to nonbinary people of all gender identities. Meanwhile, pan and omni are orientations for those who are attracted to people of all genders.

⭑ ⭑ As another example, an axinitian person is a nonbinary woman attracted at least to women. This nonbinary woman may want to identify as a lesbian, but they also may want to avoid the word for its binary connotations. They also may be attracted to men but not consider that a relevant part of their identity. They may be not sure if they are capable of being attracted to nonbinary people or not and want to keep the option open. And so on.

⭑ These symbols are definitely free to use! I used Pride-Flags's symbols to be able to make them.

⭑ I focused on making the symbols using the alternatives for nonbinary woman/man/man and woman I made, but I made some others too. Keep in mind there are more of these terms:

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