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Queer chevron sign: for everyone who identifies as queer.

MOGAI/MOGII/IMOGA sign: for people who are MOGAI/MOGII/IMOGA (Marginalized Orientations, Gender Alignments and Intersex / Marginalized Orientations, Gender Identities and Intersex / Intersex, Marginalized Orientations and Gender Alignments). "Gender alignment" here refers to the "alignment" between your assigned gender and your actual gender identity. This meaning of gender alignment was coined before the ones that are used today.

More Color, More Pride / Philly Pride sign: meant to be a variation on the rainbow flag that explicitly includes people of color in the community.

Black queer/LGBTQ+/IMOGA/etc. Pride Flag: unveiled in Montreal. It's really hard to find sources on it, but it's meant to be a flag for the Black community.

By the way, I also have just the rainbow fist from the flag! Here it is: