alibinary system ⭑ possibilities

Possible exobinary examples

⭑ Lyon is a maverique. Lyon's dysphoria makes them unable to decide on what kind of body they want, because they don't want a "feminine", "masculine", "androgynous" or "neutral" body. Lyon feels erased when people act like people who transition must be either transmasculine or transfeminine, or when people judge their presentation as masculine, feminine or androgynous. Lyon identifies as exobinary because they feel like they are completely out of the binary.

⭑ Allie is polygender. Some of faer genders are masculine or feminine, but most of faer genders are xenogenders, like caelgender, a gender relating to space, and gendoux, a gender relating to pastels. Fae feels like faer genders aren't acknowledged enough; most people who talk about them just do it to say they can't really exist, and Allie's local trans community has shunned faer for talking about faer "weird genders" instead of sticking to using gender identity just to define the body fae wants. Even if Allie has masculine and feminine genders, fae feels like the biggest hurdle fae faces is the lack of acknowledgement for different identities that don't rely on the binary at all, and this is why Allie only identifies as exobinary.

⭑ Yuri is genderless. Yuri identifies as exobinary and wants exobinary spaces because Yuri hates being gendered in any way, and even a lot of nonbinary-specific stuff acts like people can only be man-adjacent, woman-adjacent, feminine, masculine and/or androgynous.

⭑ Stela is a nonbinary girl. But ze is very political regarding hir identity; ze only identifies as a girl for political reasons, and would prefer people acknowledged the possibility of a world without the influence of binary genders. This is why Stela identifies as exobinary.

Possible ideobinary examples

⭑ Violli is an alteandrogyne; someone whose gender is androgyne, but a version of androgyne which is on a mirror universe/on a different plane of existence. Violli doesn't feel like eir identity is that related to binary genders and isn't comfortable with the idea that eir gender is just "in the middle" between male and female, but ey also doesn't see eir gender as completely independent from the binary, so ey just identifies as ideobinary within the alibinary system.

⭑ Giuli is a demiboy. He has a partial connection to the concept of boy, but he doesn't consider himself boy-adjacent. Giuli considers his gender to be a nonbinary mess, with some of this mess pointing to the idea of boyness and boyhood. He considers himself ideobinary because he doesn't feel close to a binary gender and considers his nonbinaryness more important than his boyness, but his gender relies on the concept of being a boy in some ways.

⭑ Jack is an antigirl/ungirl. This means xeir gender is defined as an opposite of girl. Jack doesn't consider xeir gender to be anywhere close to boy, just away from girl, and so xe has trouble figuring out xeir gender presentation and desired transition. Jack doesn't feel like xeir gender identity is free from the influence of binary genders, but also doesn't consider xemself close to binary genders, so xe identifies as ideobinary.

⭑ Wyr is genderfae, which means ver gender changes from time to time, but never to masculine genders. Wyr is sometimes a woman, or partly a woman, but a lot of the time, ver experiences genders that exist completely outside of the binary, such as maverique, neutrois or stargender, and sometimes Wyr is graygender or genderless. Ve also experiences feminine nonbinary genders sometimes, such as femgender. Wyr identifies as ideobinary and exobinary, since ve identifies with being outside of the binary and with having some relationship to the binary but not being close to it.

Possible mesobinary examples

⭑ Robin's gender is in-between woman and proxvir; a gender that is similar to man/male, but separate. To keep it simple, Robin just identifies as androgyne. Even so, zey feels like treating male and female as opposite universes that can't interact together in any way is invalidating zeir gender, and zey doesn't fit in very well with "fuck gender" jokes or "gender is not a thing" rhetoric. Robin describes zeir desired transition and presentation as transandrogynous, because zey wants to be in a state in-between binary genders, although zey finds it hard to find resources that don't equate androgyny with soft masculinity. Because of those things, Robin feels like mesobinary fits zem better than other terms within the alibinary system.

⭑ Jyoti is a neulier/gender neutral/femil/maverique polygender person. This means sie has many genders, and that one of hir genders is woman-like and entirely neutral, another is neutral, another is woman-like but masculine, and another is not male, female or neutral, but is a specific nonbinary gender that exists. Jyoti hates being seen as feminine and is undergoing hormone replacement therapy to be seen as more masculine, even if that means sie may get mistaken for a man. Even so, sie is not a man, and half of hir genders are woman-like, so sie would like to be able to participate in woman's spaces or identify with labels meant for women. This causes some problems, since people want Jyoti to "pick" between identifying as a trans man or as a cis woman, when sie is neither. Jyoti identifies as mesobinary because, even though sie isn't a man at all gender-wise and isn't much of a woman either, sie feels like hir experiences and struggles are close to those of people who are in-between binary genders.

⭑ Taylor is a man/woman genderfluid person. Taylor doesn't relate much to nonbinary-centric terms, such as diamoric or trixic, because hu is almost always either a man or a woman. However, hu doesn't think it's fair for hum to use terms such as sapphic or achillean on profiles since hu won't change those every time hus gender changes, and hu feels awkward on men-only/women-only spaces because people assume you can only be one and not be other the next day. Taylor identifies as mesobinary because, even if hu isn't "in the middle" between binary genders, hu feels like hu experiences similar issues to those who are.

⭑ Eri is a librandrogyne, which means voi is agender with a connection to androgyny. Eri wants voids androgyny acknowledged/respected, even though voi doesn't consider voidself as someone with a gender. Because of this, Eri identifies mainly as mesobinary, even if voi also identifies a bit with being exobinary and ideobinary.

Possible viabinary examples

⭑ Myriam is transfeminine. Myriam is generally fine with being seen/treated as a binary woman, but kit also wants kits nonbinaryness to be acknowledged, especially within nonbinary, trans and queer spaces. This is why kit identifies as viabinary.

⭑ Lex is a mutare, which means neir gender is always changing to something else. However, Lex doesn't mind being seen as a man in general, and some of the genders ne goes through are male-related genders anyways. Lex identifies as viabinary because even though neir gender identity is fluid and has multiple possibilities, ne doesn't like the idea of completely letting go from a binary identity and presentation.

⭑ Karo is a faesari: someone who's on the gender neutral spectrum, but who has a strong attachment to femininity. Gem doesn't really feel like a woman at all, but would like to be able to not care about being seen as a woman without getting or feeling invalidated for "not trying hard enough" to "look/act more nonbinary". Karo identifies as viabinary for that, but also as ideobinary, since gem fits that definition too.

⭑ Aldenir is a melle. As in, her gender is male, but not masculine at all; it's feminine instead. Aldenir considers her gender to be different from binary male, but related to it, and would like to be respected as a nonbinary person (instead of "just GNC") and as someone who isn't and doesn't want to be considered androgynous, neutral, transfeminine and/or a woman. Because of this, Aldenir identifies as viabinary.


⭑ The examples given are examples. Not everyone who is any of the gender identities listed will define them exactly as I have defined them here, not everyone who has those experiences needs to choose the labels or pronouns I've chosen here, etc.

⭑ These are *possible* examples because I want to stress there is not a huge pool of people who have defined themselves as exobinary/mesobinary/ideobinary/viabinary yet, these examples are all made up so I can show people what I am going for with this system. I may change these in the future to better reflect how I see people identifying themselves within the system.