alibinary system ⭑ intro

But why have another set of divisions?

Nonbinary communities may not be as big or as common as communities for other identities, but we still have a lot of different gender identities and experiences.

A lot of those individual identities have names, such as maverique, quoigender or proxvir. Some of these identities are considered both identities on their own and umbrella terms for more specific identities, such as xenogender, genderfluid or demigender.

Some of these broader/more popular terms are really useful for community organizing. I've seen groups for genderfluid or for agender people. I've seen blogs for demigender or for stargender people.

There are also other kinds of "alignments" that can be used as gender labels but aren't always, such as midbinary/abinary, gender alignments, gender presentation and gender elements.

However, some of us can't relate to any of the commonly used terms, umbrellas and/or alignment-like systems. And some of us could also benefit from having other groups that include people with different labels, but that aren't as broad as nonbinary, genderqueer or trans.

I'm well aware no system can include everyone. You are free to not use these terms, and/or to not participate in communities that use this system as a way to organize.

And why is the alibinary division the way it is?

A lot of people in the community aren't really good at identifying gender identity labels, and don't really care about learning any label besides nonbinary, or only care about their own labels and experiences and ignore everyone else.

Since there isn't a lot of education regarding nonbinary issues, it's common to see people assuming their own experiences are more important or the only truth. Sometimes, it's even out of ignorance, because the person has never been taught that, say, there are people who don't want to "pick a side" and consider themselves "sort of a girl" or "sort of a boy", who are fighting to be able to be completely outside of the binary. Or that being nonbinary is more than being like "gender is not a thing", and that there are people with nonbinary genders who are tired of being told their gender is bad or inexistent. Or that it's not just being like "fuck the binary" either, because there are nonbinary identities that are related to binary genders or binary-related concepts.

The alibinary system currently covers four different kinds of nonbinary experiences. I didn't want the system to be too complicated and require too much memorization, but I also wanted to cover as many experiences as possible.

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